Darius Brubeck and Mike Rossi have performed many times together and most recently they presented duo concerts in South Africa that featured compositions by each of them and by Dave Brubeck. The duo has a very sympathetic and interesting musical relationship.

Mike has also been a featured member in the Darius Brubeck Quartet and has recorded two CDs with the long-standing trio of Darius, Matt and Wesley.  In addition he has performed in the USA and South Africa under the “Brubecks Play Brubeck” banner with Darius, Chris and Dan Brubeck.

Rossi and Brubeck recently authored Odd Times: Uncommon Etudes for Uncommon Time Signatures dedicated to playing in odd time signatures. They have performed together in the UK, USA, South Africa, Germany, Romania and Italy where Mike tours and teaches on an annual basis.  Darius and Mike are often together in an American/Italian quartet, playing at the Ancona, Arcevia and Jesi Jazz Festivals and other Italian destinations.

Mike Rossi


Mike Rossi is a Professor of Music at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  He is also President of the South African Association for Jazz Education (SAJE). His achievements include numerous recordings, and international stage appearances as leader, soloist, and sideman with Tony Bennett, Dave Liebman, Winston Mankunku Ngozi, George Russell, Clark Terry and Alessio Menconi, amongst others.

He is an exceptional saxophone and woodwind player, and artist for Rampone & Cazzani Handmade Italian saxophones. He has performed around the globe in small and large ensembles and gives workshops worldwide.  As a composer and performer he has appeared on numerous jazz and classical recordings, and has written a series of method books on jazz improvisation, with translations in other languages, along with many compositions, all published by Advance Music and Schott Music.  He has taken bands to other parts of Africa where he introduces audiences to South African standards and also plays mainstream jazz.


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