Darius Brubeck (piano)

Dave O’Higgins (saxes)

Matt Ridley (bass)

Wesley Gibbens (drums)

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The Darius Brubeck Quartet has travelled the world and released three critically acclaimed CDs, Cathy’s Summer, Years Ago and their most recent, The Darius Brubeck Quartet: Live in Poland, recorded at the end of their historic 2018 tour and released in December, 2019. Live in Poland was given four stars in the May 2020 issue of Downbeat, five stars in the March issue of Jazzwise and praised in The Financial Times. (see REVIEWS). Unfortunately, COVID restrictions prevented the group from touring this year but many dates are being re-scheduled in 2021. (see CALENDAR) Detailed information will be provided as it becomes available.


Concerts always include Darius Brubeck compositions, South African jazz, and certain ever-popular Dave Brubeck hits. The Quartet’s mutual understanding and interaction is a pleasure to see and hear and their acoustic sound is melodic, spontaneous, rhythmic and engaging. 


Tim Dickeson had this to say in JAZZWISE, “Darius showed without doubt that he is a highly accomplished pianist and composer-but Dave O’Higgins must take huge credit for his contribution (as should Ridley & Gibbens) – as the combination of Brubeck and O’Higgins is certainly among the best piano/sax partnerships in the UK.” Clearly audiences feel this is still the case.

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Press Quotes

“How often do you come away from a jazz concert wishing it could have been bottled and later poured out to relive the magic again?” – Stuart Nicolson, Jazzwise, 2020

At the Liverpool Jazz Festival: “In between masterfully played tunes we enjoyed conversation and memoirs from Darius as he charmed us with stories and interesting dialogue, whilst throughout the performance we were captivated by the men in suits on stage who oozed class and charisma.” La Vida Liverpool, 2019

At the London Jazz Festival: “The Darius Brubeck Quartet paid homage to the family business while at the same time demonstrating qualities and inspirations unique to themselves.” London Jazz News November 2018, read full review.

“The combination of Brubeck & O’Higgins is certainly among the best piano/sax partnerships in the UK.”   Jazzwise

Reviewing “Years Ago”, Peter Bacon writes, “The album is also a time of reflection within this band which has now been together for 10 years, and they sound marvelously at home and in tune with each other.” Jazzwise, April, 2017

At Saarbrucken Jazz Festival: Darius Brubeck —- “weaved his magic and put a satisfied smile on the faces of the audience —— Brubeck’s combo drummer Wesley Gibbens and double bass player Matt Ridley, had the suitable groove and swing down pat – whether the journey led to an ancient standard, another Ellington classic or the thoroughly worth listening to original compositions by Darius Brubeck. The evening was worth a recommendation purely because of the magnificent Dave O’Higgins alone. ” Saarbrücker Zeitung,  2015

At Scarborough Jazz Festival: “Brubeck has an easy conversational rapport with the audience —-the chemistry of this quartet has to be seen live to be appreciated…this band never fails to delight. They closed with a majestic delivery of Take Five to rousing applause from the Grand Hall’s capacity audience.” Brian Payne, Jazz Journal, 2015.



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